10 Amazing Black Friday Tablet Deals

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November 23, 2011
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10 Amazing Black Friday Tablet Deals Looking for a tablet? Here are the best deals for this Black Friday.
Picture-Perfect Black Friday Camera Deals Snap great holiday photos with one of these digital cameras or camcorders, priced for any budget.
Google's Turkey Day Doodle Google's doodle for Thanksgiving 2011 combines the best parts of the holiday: home-made crafts and turkey.
FCC Finds AT&T's Purchase of T-Mobile not in the Public Interest The U.S. Federal Communications Commission's staff says AT&T's proposed $39 billion acquisition of rival T-Mobile USA is anticompetitive.
The Kindle Fire, One Week Later: Sales, Gripes, and a New Model The Kindle Fire has only been on the market a week or so, but people are already talking about another model.
Apple Preps for Meager Discounts on Black Friday Apple's Black Friday offerings appear to a nonstarter for those seeking steep discounts on tech gear.
Silent Updates Proposed for Firefox Are a Bad Security Risk Silent updating may be more convenient to consumers, but it will also invite hacker exploitation of the process, a security expert warns.
Black Friday Deals to Take Care of Business Electronics stores and other mass retailers are pulling out the pricing stops the day after Thanksgiving. Here's a chance to stock up on gadgets for work.
Penguin Pulls E-Books from Libraries, Including Kindle Versions They publisher may want to make sure that library e-books can't be easily stripped of DRM and kept by a borrower without penalty.
Nintendo's Miyamoto Initially Fought Mario Kart 7 Features Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto admits he was initially against the game's vehicle customization features.
Google's Ice Cream Sandwich: A New Era for Android A detailed review of what's new in Android 4.0 and how it measures up.
Photojojo Offers 3 Lenses for the iPhone 4, 4S The site has created a case that adds wide angle, fisheye and telephoto lenses to the iPhone.
Try SeaMonkey 2.5 for a One-Stop Internet Solution The latest release of this all-in-one browser package packs a bevy of business-ready features.
Find Yourself With iOS Maps Gibbs has a bit of an obsession with maps and he loves him his iOS apps.
AT&T Hits FCC Roadblock on Path to Acquire T-Mobile The FCC put a nail in the coffin of the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, declaring that the deal will lead to massive job losses and cuts in investment dollars.
Senator Threatens Filibuster of Protect IP Act as Vote Nears The Protect IP Act, which would allow the U.S. Department of Justice to seek court orders focused on shutting down websites accused of copyright infringement...
Google Protects Its Current HTTPS Traffic Against Future Attacks Google has modified the encryption method used by its HTTPS-enabled services including Gmail, Docs and Google+, in order to prevent current traffic from being...
High-Tech Toys Top Black Friday Shoppers' Lists If the latest survey from Nielsen holds water, you can expect to see a lot of smartphones, tablets and other popular devices under the Christmas tree this year.
The Cloud, Day 11: Music in the Cloud I like to listen to music--while I work, and when I am not working. So, if I am spending 30 days in the cloud, I am also going to need a cloud-based solution for playing some tunes.
Microsoft Kinect for Windows: Its Coming Gamers and programmers, get ready: Microsoft announces that a Windows version of the Kinect controller will come in 2012.
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10 Amazing Black Friday Tablet Deals Looking for a tablet? Here are the best deals for this Black Friday.
Picture-Perfect Black Friday Camera Deals Snap great holiday photos with one of these digital cameras or camcorders, priced for any budget.
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Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: Which Should You Buy? If you want an inexpensive slate, the new tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble are your best bets. We tested them head-to-head to see which one worked better for reading, browsing the Web, watching video, listening to music, and more.
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