Black Friday at Midnight: One Shopper's Tale of Woe

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November 26, 2011
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Black Friday at Midnight: One Shopper's Tale of Woe Confessions of a Black Friday marauder in a quest for a $39.99 Blu-ray player at Best Buy in the middle of the night.
Black Friday Deals Remained After Early Rush At some big box stores the heavily discounted specials remained in healthy supply after the early rush was over.
Ubuntu Shows DistroWatch Decline as Mint Soars The figures are perhaps more surprising given that Canonical released the latest version of Ubuntu, 11.10, on October 13.
20 Great Gifts for the Tech Obsessed Here's some great advice for present for the tech maven in your life (and cool tech to consider for yourself).
Social Media, American Express Helping Holiday Shoppers Get Good Deals The credit card company is encouraging people to do their holiday shopping at small local businesses instead of big box retailers.
Google Health: First Failure of 2012 At the stroke of midnight on New Year's day, Google Health, the personal health record data aggregation service for consumers, will shut down for good.
Android: The Phone for Living Dangerously? Android owners prefer living on the edge, visiting edgy websites and bypassing security software, a security firm reports.
Why Supercomputers Will Live Only in the Cloud Analysis: With rise of supercomputing and high-end platforms in public clouds, the day will come when you can't get them any other way.
Why Google's Knol Failed: A Dire Lack of Peter Arno Analysis: Whenever I checked Knol, the items on the home page were mostly a bit odd, a bit spammy, or both.
Golden Gobblers 2011: The Biggest Birdbrains in Tech Analysis: Who are the tech turkeys of the year? Cringely has the answers -- and they're more fowl than you can imagine
The Cloud, Day 13: Storing and Managing Pictures in the Cloud For today's 30 Days With the Cloud post, I am taking a closer look at cloud-based options for storing photos like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and Apple's Photo Stream service.
Banks Embrace the Tablet Revolution Cutting-edge banks can take advantage of the huge demand for tablets this holiday season to capture the tech savvy market and give customers tools for tablet-based banking.
Consumers Surprise: Black Friday Bargain Hunters Aim for Big Tix Electronics Shoppers surprised retail experts and hunted for big ticket items this Black Friday.
Siri Can Unlock Your Car, Can't Drive It Just Yet Want a hand getting your car ready in the morning? No worries; your voice assistant Siri can help you! Wait, what?
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Black Friday at Midnight: One Shopper's Tale of Woe Confessions of a Black Friday marauder in a quest for a $39.99 Blu-ray player at Best Buy in the middle of the night.
Black Friday Deals Remained After Early Rush At some big box stores the heavily discounted specials remained in healthy supply after the early rush was over.
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