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LG CES 2012 booth tour

Samsung and Sony each brought their A-game to the Consumer Electronics Show this year when it comes to high-end HDTVs. If there was one other brand that could easily give these tech giants a run for t...


LG and Microsoft sign patent agreement over Android and Chrome OS

Microsoft and LG have signed a patent agreement that covers LG's tablets, mobile phones, and other consumer devices running Android or Chrome OS. Terms of the deal between the two companies have not...


Huawei MediaPad to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, older models will be updated

Last summer, Huawei's MediaPad was one of the first manufactures to ship a device pre-loaded with Android 3.2 Honeycomb. The Chinese company is now attempting a similar strategy with the release o...


OnLive streaming game service to be preloaded on all Google TV devices

Google TV continues to make a decent impact at the Consumer Electronics Show. On Wednesday, Google and OnLive announced that the company's streaming game service was coming to Google TV devices. OnLiv...


Dell to re-enter the tablet market in late 2012, likely with Windows 8

Dell has had trouble in the mobile and tablet space. The company's CEO, Michael Dell, has continuously bashed Android, and its Streak phone-tablet line was a commercial failure that was eventually aba...


Microsoft CES 2012 booth tour

Microsoft had a massive booth at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. It was home to brand new laptops, a huge array of Windows Phone devices, demo stations for Xbox 360 and SkyDrive, and plenty m...

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