Report: Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone to Cost $100 on AT&T

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January 26, 2012
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Report: Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone to Cost $100 on AT&T The release of such a high-quality 4G phone at such a low price indicates Microsoft and Nokia are serious about Windows Phone becoming a third contender in the U.S. smartphone race.
7 Things I Learned From Building My First Desktop PC
Order to Decrypt Laptop Does Not Violate Defendants Fifth Amendment, Judge Rules Federal judge denies defendant's claim that turning over the contents of her laptop's hard drive violates her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.
Nokia Sells 1M Windows Phones But Lumina 900 Faces Challenge The Lumina 900, with a 4.3-inch screen, support for 4G and a rumored price of $100 with a two-year contract, will be Microsoft and Nokia's best shot at getting people interested in the Windows Phone platform.
Anonymous Threat Prompts Symantec to Issue PcAnywhere Warning Symantec has told users to disable or uninstall the remote access software while it fixes an unknown number of bugs.
Google's New Privacy Policy Won't Apply to Government Workers Google clarified its new policy after criticism from an independent watchdog.
PCs Are Selling Just Fine, Thank You The demise of of the personal computer appears to be very much exaggerated.
Nokia Reports Loss But Sells More Than 1M Lumia Phones Nokia's sales dropped and losses increased as sales of its Symbian-based smartphones suffered and Windows Phones kicked off.
HP Hopes to Lure Mobile App Developers to Open webOS Third-party apps built for the operating system will work across any device or browser that supports modern Web standards such as the iPad, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
Motorola Files New Suit Against Apple Motorola on Tuesday filed a new lawsuit in Florida charging Apple with infringing six patents in the iPhone 4S and four of those patents in iCloud.
Nintendo Slashes Annual Targets for 3DS Despite Price Cuts, Software Bonanza Nintendo had hoped its latest dual-screen handheld, which launched in February of last year, would maintain the success of the DS.
Apple Employees to Get $500 Off Macs, $250 Off iPads The discounts are employee benefits that CEO Tim Cook reportedly announced this week at a town hall meeting.
4 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation As we approach Data Privacy Day, it's a good time to grab the reins of the sprawling online content about you that you and others have created. Microsoft offers steps to protect your increasingly important online image.
iPhone Dominates AT&T, Verizon Smartphone Subscriber Base The nation's two largest cellphone carriers accounted for nearly 32 percent of all iPhones sold worldwide in the last three months of 2011.
Can Cloud-Based Collaborative Data-Sharing Be Secure Enough for Defense Systems? Though wariness about the perceived lack of security in cloud-based services is often voiced, there are some situations where the opposite is the case.
Are CIOs Championing Consumer Tech? Debunking myths about the consumerization of IT, a new survey shows companies embracing consumer gadgets.
Symantec Recommends Disabling PcAnywhere and Waiting for Security Patches Security vendor Symantec has advised users of its pcAnywhere remote control software to disable it, because hackers with access to the product's source code...
These USB, Wi-Fi Hotspot Cufflinks Will Make You Feel Like James Bond Need a USB flash drive or Wi-Fi access while out on the town? These cufflinks from Brookstone might be for you.
Four Signs That WebOS Is on the Right Track HP's early decisions and aggressive new timeline bode well for the future of the open source mobile operating system.
Google+ Offers More Restrictive User Experience for Teens Google+ is now officially welcoming teenagers and tailoring the experience of the social networking site for them by making it more restrictive and potentially...
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Report: Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone to Cost $100 on AT&T The release of such a high-quality 4G phone at such a low price indicates Microsoft and Nokia are serious about Windows Phone becoming a third contender in the U.S. smartphone race.
7 Things I Learned From Building My First Desktop PC
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