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Do-It-Yourself or Professional?
Few things are more frustrating than paying a technician a large sum to fix your PC, and watch him spend two minutes doing something you could have done yourself.
It might be reassuring to know where and who is repairing your computer, especially if you are worried about personal and delicate data. But a PC Technician's minimum charge, and expensive hourly rate outweighs the urgency to repair a problem until, inevitably, disaster occurs and then it's no longer just a matter of money.
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Reimage: The PC DIY Repair Solution

By taking our professional diagnostic and repair software out of the hands of technicians, Reimage have created a tool that demands no greater skill than pushing the 'start' button.It scans your entire operating system, restoring any missing or compromised files, settings and registry values, caused by malware, human error or wear-and-tear, without harming your personal data.At the cost of an average PC technician's minimum charge, you gain a full year's access to Reimage's services which include the following advantages:
  • Fixes Windows Errors & Freezes
  • Replaces Damaged DLLs
  • Removes virus, and repairs damage
  • Improves system stability, speed and
  • Optimizes & Restores registry and settings
  • Detects & removes alware/spyware
  • Completely private (fully automated)
  • 24/7 live online expert support for a
    full year
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Reimage online PC Repair Technology scans, fixes and repairs Windows platforms
renewing the operating system by using a spare parts repository to actually replace old and damaged files.
For any questions contact Reimage Support. Reimage Limited P.O.Box 21958 1515 Nicosia, Cyprus.
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